Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Fly Fishing the Ozarks - Knucklehead Pattern

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Just a wonderful pattern posted by flyfishingtheozarks on YouTube.  Super fishy!  Recipe is in the description of the original video on the channel.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Clouser Crayfish Tutorial

Tutorial courtesy of Kypes and Stripes Outdoors on YouTube.  One of my favorite patterns and thought you'd like to see a tutorial.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Smallmouth Fly Box DDH Craw

SMFB DDH Craw | Talon Hook
I met Stu Thompson at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Show a few weeks back.  When I got home I ordered a few packs of dubbing and three of his finished DDH Leech flies.  The DDH Leech is a very nice pattern, but was a little on the small side for me.  I hopped online and found the Talon hooks Stu uses on the original.

A barred marabou tail, orange sili-legs, Dungeon Copper Kraken dubbing,  hot orange Senyo laser dub and a small Darkwater Dubbing head (around the dumbbell eyes).  Nothing too crazy...a simple tail followed up by a few dubbing loops and it is done. 

The Talon hook used is a traditional salmon hook (sometimes called an "iron").  Stu uses the clothespin section near the hook eye to stabilize the dumbbell eye.  The flat spot does a great job to prevent the dumbbells from spinning...

Size 4 Talon Salmon Iron

Here is a close-up of the return on the hook eye.  Stu binds the gap closed with thread and sets the dumbbell eye on the flat spot.  Amazing how great it works!

I apologize for the junk pictures, it is really dark outside and I was using some bad lighting.  I will try to take better pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thoughts from the Great Waters Fly Expo 2019

The 2019 Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo is over, what a great time!  I look forward to the show and the seminars every year.  We walked the show Friday and Saturday, attended several seminars, bought some gear, and talked with several people that I haven't seen in a very long time.

Some of the highlights from the show are as follows:

Stu Thompson | Dark Water Dubbing

Stu Thompson's presentation on massive trout in Manitoba was a nice surprise because our oldest son is heading to Manitoba for college in fall.  Some gigantic fish up there and I am looking forward to making the trip.  Stu also told us there is good warm water fishing less than 10 minutes from campus.  Check out Stu's DDH Leech , ooks like a real killer for just about any fish that swims.

Stu Thompson's Pale Yellow DDH Leech 
Stu Thompson's Tan DDH Leech

Stu also sells his custom blended dubbing on his website.  He blends rabbit hair with synthetics to make some fishy material.  I ordered 4 packs yesterday and will report on the look and feel in the coming weeks.  After the seminar, I watched Stu tie up a DDH leech using his dubbing and was happy to see how simple it was to put together.  For some reason people think the flies need to be complicated to be effective.

Lund's Fly Shop

Brian from Lund's Fly Shop filled in for Gunnar Brammer at the show.  He lead an interesting fly tying presentation that focused on synthetics.  Brian tied up a synthetic streamer pattern that is very simple and again looks like a simple, fishy smallmouth bug.
Brian's Synthetic Smallie Streamer

He rounded out the presentation with a lightweight, yet bulky musky/pike pattern that was 99% synthetic.  Brian was asked to fill in at the last minute and he blew the room away.

Brian's Pike/Musky Pattern
Craig Riendeau | Off The Deep Edge

My son and I had the pleasure to meet Craig Riendeau at the show.  I have followed Craig for years online and through his articles in Fly Tyer Magazine.  To say Craig takes a unique approach to fly fishing would be an understatement.  He approaches fly fishing for bass through the eyes of a tournament bass fisherman.  You know...the guys in the sparkly boats with the Nascar looking shirts on.  Craig has a point when he says "those guys catch big fish!"  

I have fished Craig's Hairy Fodder for years.  The incorporation of what he calls a "ringer" enables the fisherman to swap out the dumbbell eyes in seconds.  Changing the weight on the fly to fit the conditions while on foot is very handy.  Craig has many patterns available at Rainy's Flies.

Craig Riendeau's Hairy Fodder
At the show Craig was showcasing a series of new patterns.  My favorite is the Big Willy <below - upper left>.  Not your traditional hair and feather patterns, but they work very well!

Some of Craig's Patterns
On top of being an innovative, world class fly tyer, Craig guides up on Mille Lacs.  My son walked away from our conversation and said "Dad, we need to go fishing with HIM!"  I can make that happen...

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Gunnar Brammer Bulkhead Craw

Get over to Gunnar's YouTube page and check out his tutorials.  He is a fantastic tyer!