Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to Tie Trevor's Sculpin - OPST

I like this one because it has a minimal amount of materials. Have to admit that I have never seen a bead tied in mid-shank.  Very cool...

Disco Sculpin with Jerry French - OPST

Graboid Leech by OPSTSkagit

I think this is a good looking pattern.  I spoke to the people at OPST at the Great Waters Expo and saw derivatives of this on their bench.  Their use of the dubbing loop and the replaceable stinger hook concept is excellent.  

Friday, March 16, 2018

I went to the 2018 Great Waters Fly Fishing Show today....what a great show!  Like most of you I attended the show to see exhibitors, catch some presentations and chat with friends.  The highlights for me were as follows:
  • Tim Landwehr's Presentation: Becoming a Better Smallmouth Angler.  The basis of the presentation was rooted in Tim's book Smallmouth: Modern Fly-Fishing Methods, Tactics and Techniques.
  • Bob Nasby and Paul Sandstrom's Skagit Demo.  Bob and Paul explained the basics of spey casting in the colleges pool.  Very informative!
  • The OPST tradeshow booth. The members at the OPST booth set me straight on the Skagit formula for my single handed rod.
  • The Hawkeye Fly Tyer booth.  Mike Jacobs runs a nice business in Iowa. A great source for fly tying materials. Don't forget Mike's Bronze Goddess pattern for smallies.
  • Anglers All Wisconsin. Luke is an excellent guide up in Ashland, WI.
  • Lunds Fly Shop in River Falls, WI.  Brian runs a very good fly shop, if you haven't been there you should make the trip.
The show was well attended and WELL WORTH the price of admission.  By far the best fly fishing show of the year in my book. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

R.I.P. Lefty Kreh

We are sorry to announce that the great Lefty Kreh passed away today at 93 years of age.  What a great ambassador to our sport.  What a fantastic life...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pat Cohen's Devil Drifter - Cohen's Creatures

As a fly tier and fisherman you should know who Pat Cohen is - if you don' really need to.  The man is widely known as a true artist with deer hair. His deer hair bugs are absolutely stunning.   His talents are not limited to hair bugs though.  Check him out on YouTube and you will see his work outside of deer hair firsthand.  He also has a website that sells all sorts super high quality materials, finished flies, tools, DVD's etc.

Last week I placed an order on Pat Cohen's website Super Fly.  I decided to try my hand at one of Pat's "Cohen Creatures - 3" Hellgrammite."  After watching Super Fly's video on YouTube I was sold.  Pat shipped the order right away and I received the shipment in a few days.  The end result is pretty dang nice <see above>.

The hellgrammites are cut from Ultra Suede and come to you white in color.  You need to color them with permanent markers....not a big deal.  I used a Sharpie...took a few minutes to get a jet black body.  You could certainly make the bugs in olive.

I will say that Pat's Carp Dub is really great stuff.  He is right when he says it doesn't get any buggier that that!  Has some sparkle, rubber legs....super buggy stuff.

Here is Pat's YouTube video on the Devil Drifter:

I'll be placing additional orders from Pat very soon. Great purchase experience and even better end product!

Last thing....I put one on the floor to see if the dogs would be fooled and my German Shepherds backed away.  They wanted no part in that ugly bug. The smallies will be lined up this summer to sample away.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

St Paul Fly Tiers Event - Andy Selvig

Photo Courtesy of St Paul Fly Tiers
 Last Thursday I attended my first St Paul Fly Tiers meeting/event and it was REALLY good.  The group welcomed Andy Selvig to demonstrate how he ties stacked and/or spun deer hair bugs. The bug shown above is one of "his."  The deer hair is packed so tight you can actually sand it with sandpaper!

Andy took on the Wilderdilch pattern for the event, a swimming pattern created by fellow St Paul Fly Tier -Tony Stifter.  Andy's finished Wilderdilch 2.0 was very impressive, but I must say....Tony's original is an excellent fly in its own right (seen below).

A few years back I saw a picture of Tony's Wilderdilch and decided to try my version.

Tony's Original Wilderdilch
Smallmouth Fly Box Rendition
Anyway...Andy's deer hair creations are not meant to sit in a glass box (they are that beautiful), they are meant to be fished.  Without question the heads will survive Mack Truck style hits.  The density of the heads are formed using Pat Cohen's "Fugly" Hair Packer.  Here is a YouTube video of the tool, so you can see the scale of the beast. If you are serious about packing deer hair you should invest in one.

Here are some more pics of Andy's work from the St Paul Fly Tiers website.  The pictures really show the quality of Andy's work.  Thanks again to Andy and the St Paul Fly Tiers crew for pulling the event together and showing us Andy's unbelievable work.