Tuesday, July 3, 2018

CK Topwater Kreelex Tutorial

This is our newest online fascination, Chuck Kraft's Topwater Kreelex.  The final popper looks simple, but the shaping of the cork head, painting and sealing takes a ton of time. You can order popper kits or finished flies from Eastern Trophies Fly Fishing to save time.  Make sure to check out the other patterns on their website.

Chuck Kraft is a true smallmouth legend!

Phil Rowley's Foam Minnow

I have been tying these up on a larger hook for smallies. Has been working very well.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Modest Minnow by: Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company and Black Earth Angling

Another great one from the guys at Tight Lines Fly Fishing and Black Earth Angling!  Make sure to stop by their sites and give them support.

If you listen closely he refers to something called "The Crash" in the video.  Here is the link that sheds some light on the term!  Looks pretty dang incredible to me!

The Wisco Cisco by: Tight Lines Fly Fishing & Black Earth Angling Co.

The guys at Tight Lines Fly Fishing and Black Earth Angling uploaded this pattern a few days back on YouTube.  This is a fantastic pattern to tie up.  Haven't fished it yet, but it sure looks fishy.

Give it a go and thanks again for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to Tie Trevor's Sculpin - OPST

I like this one because it has a minimal amount of materials. Have to admit that I have never seen a bead tied in mid-shank.  Very cool...

Disco Sculpin with Jerry French - OPST

Graboid Leech by OPSTSkagit

I think this is a good looking pattern.  I spoke to the people at OPST at the Great Waters Expo and saw derivatives of this on their bench.  Their use of the dubbing loop and the replaceable stinger hook concept is excellent.