Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jay "Fishy" Fullum ties his "Peel-and-Stick"

This video was posted by Lou DiGena on YouTube.  Looks like a great panfish pattern and you can always learn a little something from Jay Fullum.

The Angler's Art

Do you remember The Angler's Art on public television.  Most of the episodes can be viewed on YouTube.  Dave and Leroy were awesome...

The Smallmouth Gotcha

Here is a nice little pattern posted by toflyfish on YouTube.  I like the use of bead-chain instead of lead eyes.  Some YouTube subscribers commented about substituting deer hair for the craft fur.  The floating properties of deer hair help the hook to ride "point up."

Leroy Hyatt's Highway Hopper

A good friend of mine down in Missouri showed me this video and I thought I would post it for you.  We all know how great grasshoppers can be and this one is relatively easy to put together.

I remember watching Leroy Hyatt on The Angler's Art many years ago.  Leroy and Dave always tied great flies and taught solid techniques that I still use today.