Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wright and McGill 32A Sweetheart

Catalog page from 1958

I picked up this 3-piece rod from a buddy, still had the plastic on the handle!  The rod really has a sweet feel.....probably why it was called the Sweetheart!

Here is some information about this rod from the Fiberglass Flyrodders site:

"This Sweetheart is an old lady born around 1958. Wright & Mcgill gave it the number 32A to differentiate it from it's brother 2A which is a two piece rod. Yours of course is a 3 piece. To the best of my knowledge they didn't make this model for very long although 2As are found all the time. At one time they were the best WM glass rod they made evidenced by the fact that only their best rods got metal instead of cardboard tubes. The 32A is marked for HDH line so it should handled a 6/7 wt line."

Browning Silaflex 322975

The Browning Silaflex has been my favorite fly rod for many years now.  A great friend of ours gave matching 322975 models to my boys a few years back.  At 7 1/2' they are perfect for wading and riding in the kayak.  My boys learned how to cast on them and they really are fantastic smallmouth rods.

I had an opportunity to grab one for myself last week.  God knows my boys won't let me use theirs!  These are very useful and handsome rods.  If you ever have a chance to pick one up you won't be sorry you did...