Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Stink Bomber

Hook:  Mustad Streamer Hook (Size 2)
Thread:  Brown 6/0 Uni
Tail:  Pumpkin Sili-legs
Tail 2:  Spirit River Mottlebou
Body:  Green/Brown Variegated Chenille
Body 2:  Brown Leech Yarn
Collar:  Rootbeer Palmer Chenille
Weight:  Lead

I found this pattern on a Striper chat room and thought I should take a shot at a smallmouth version.  The original pattern was cream colored and I really like the simplicity. 

I went with a brown scheme because I thought "crayfish" when I looked at the shape of the original.  Leech yarn is bulletproof and really gives it a buggy appearance.  Looks like a simplified sinking  Bomber to me....see video below.

Original Pattern

Peter Patricelli Bugger

This Big Boy Has A Slight Weight Problem!
I found this pattern on a Striper chat room...nice looking pattern for sure.  I am always amazed how smallmouth will hit small patterns!  I have a tendency to tie Size 4, 2 and 1/0 for smallies up here in Minnesota.  The bugger Peter put together has the perfect color and all of the key elements of a very fishy fly. 

I'll post a recipe for this pattern in the coming weeks.  For now you can go from the pictures and put up your own version.

Can't wait for spring.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cutting Your Own Zonker Strips

I am working on cutting craft fur zonker strips using this technique.  Wish me luck!

 Here is a pike that that uses craft fur that have been cut into zonker strips.  The action of this streamer is incredible.  This fly is over 6" long, but it doesn't weigh much.  Super durable too!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bluegill Spoons - Bill Modica

Everybody loves bluegills.  My friend Bill Modica came up with the system outlined in this video.  Bill is a great fisherman and I'm stoked he is recognized like this by In-Fisherman.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Loon Outdoors UV Kits

Tired of waiting for epoxy to set, or how about those awesome sags on that perfect fly?  Well....I have been watching UV finishing systems for a while, but was scared away by the price tag and availability.  Loon Outdoors has a line of UV products and a simple light that will not break the bank and is available at Cabelas.  You can get 2 tubes of UV material and the curing light for $29.95.

I do use Clear Fly Finish on flies, but most of all I use it on knots.  My hand tied tapered leaders slide right through the guides now they they are clear coated and still flexible.  I bet the knots are stronger too.  Apply a small amount of the UV material to your knot and hit it with the light...done in seconds.

Does a great job on bodies.

Cures almost instantly.
Also available in a larger size.