Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cutting Your Own Zonker Strips

I am working on cutting craft fur zonker strips using this technique.  Wish me luck!

 Here is a pike that that uses craft fur that have been cut into zonker strips.  The action of this streamer is incredible.  This fly is over 6" long, but it doesn't weigh much.  Super durable too!


  1. Guys another an awesome tie--keep turing those super streamers!!!!!!

  2. Is the yellow section of that CF whistler formed by wrapping a Zonker strip around the hook or tied in reverse or traditiononally? I love the CF as well but can't seem to come up with the length I'm looking for in a good pike fly!

  3. Hi Aaron-

    The tail portion of the CF Whistler was created by wrapping CF zonkers around the shank of the hook. Even the red collar is a palmered rd zonker strip instead of hackle. CF fur has great action in the water and is incredibly durable.

    I'll post a few pictures of my CF zonkers soon. They turned out great using the technique in the video.

  4. I truly like this idea, great use of craft fur.