Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bulk 3D Holographic Molded Eyes

I just got my shipment of bulk 3D holographic eyes and they are awesome. Make sure to hit for holographic eyes. They sell the 3D ones, not the tape kind.

I ordered 500 for less than $10 with shipping through his Ebay store. Now I see he has a website that is even cheaper - $15 per 1000! My local fly shop sells 24 for $4 and for some reason I burn these things up. For my initial order I went with 4, 5 and 6mm silver and red eyes, but there are plenty other colors and sizes to choose from.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Syn Minnow

Hook: Mustad 3366 (Size 4)
Thread: White Flat Waxed Nylon
Underbody: Hareline Silver Holographic Dubbing
Body: Layer 1 = Puglisi EP Filers (Polar Bear)
Layer 2 = Pearl Hareline Ice Wing
Layer 3 = 3 Strands Krystal Flash
Layer 4 = Spirit River Polaraire
Head: Dubbed Spirit River Polaraire or Any Synthetic Dubbing Material
Eyes: Holographic Eyes
Weight: None

So many of us choose to tie on weight forward, or heavily weighted flies for river smallmouth. I know I tie on all sorts of weighted offerings all the time. I always felt like I needed the extra weight to "get the fly down" to the fish. I know now it is a mistake to ignore unweighted flies in a river.

The swimming action of this pattern is awesome. I took it out to test and the crappies wouldn't leave it alone, especially when the fly was stopped and drifting down in the water column. This is the beautiful thing about flies, they move differently than hard lures. This little guy swims towards the surface and really resembles a wounded baitfish. Weight would ruin the action of this minnow, so leave it off!

I got this minnow from a post on The Bass Pond, another Yuku site I hit. It needs holographic eyes in a bad way, but you get the idea (they are in transit from a mail order house).I really like the simplicity and built up body of this fly - EP Fibers, Ice Wing, Krystal Flash and Polaraire. You can't see it very well in the picture, but the holographic dubbing on the underbody is a very nice touch.

At the vise this minnow feels like a smaller, simpler Murdich Minnow. On the water it performs just as nicely too! This is another one I have big plans for this summer!

The Lithuanian Bat

Hook: Mustad 34185D (Jig Hook)
Thread: 6/0 Dark Olive Uni
Tail/Body: Olive Rabbit Zonker
Legs: Olive Barred Sili-Legs
Head: Large Olive Chenille/Orange Chenille Underbelly
Eyes: Plated Hourglass (1/50 oz.)

This is another pattern from Joe Cornwall at Fly Fish Ohio. The hook is really what I like about this pattern. It is plated with Duratin, a material that allows this hook to be tough, but very light.

My local lakes are filled of small sunnies, so I made a variation with an orange belly. We'll see how it works! I have a feeling this one will take both largemouth and smallmouth bass....and even the occasional pike that happens to be swimming by.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

JeffSod Smallie Slayer

Hook: 1/0 VMC 7311BN Fast Grip Rig'N Worm
Thread: 6/0 White Flat Waxed Nylon
Belly: Medium Corsair Tubing
Body: Puglisi EP-Fibers (Polar Bear Color)
Lateral Line: Hareline Ice Wing Fiber (Minnow Back Color)
Wing: Puglisi EP-Fibers (Pinfish Color)
Rattle: 3MM Worm Rattle
Eyes: 6mm Holographic Dome Eyes

I was turned on to this pattern from member JeffSod on the Fiberglass Flyrodders site. This fly is very simple and the materials can easily be swapped out.

The VMC hook (shown on right) is a great hook and for $12.60 per 100 you can't beat the price! I've used VMC for a while now and really like the hooks. If you want to get a hold of some VMC's visit Captain Hooks Discount Warehouse

JeffSod wrote:

"I don't know the name of the fly actually. A charter captain from MA named Charlie Lemieux was how I learned about it. He was at a local fish show and had these out on display and I bought a couple to copy. The hook is a Gamagatzu G-lock worm hook size 1/0. The belly is bills bodi-braid tubing with a worm rattle inside for weight and attractor. The wing is a pre-blend purchased from called Devlin blend.

Really quite simply but very effective. Just this morning caught a couple more nice smallies and a big 3lb pickerel."

Red Worm Hook Variation

I'm really excited to get this pattern on the water. It just looks dastardly doesn't it? I really like the fact it is so simple and from what Jeff has shown - very fishy!

Photos below courtesy of JeffSod

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gibby's Myakka Minnow

Hook: Daiichi 1550 (Size 10)
Thread: 6/0 White Uni
Tail: Chartreuse Marabou
Flash: Fire Tiger Holographic Flashabou
Body: Fire Tiger Holographic Flashabou
Coating: 15 Minute Clear Epoxy
Eyes: Extra Small Doll Eyes (Holographic Dome Eyes Are Better)
Weight: .025 Lead

This pattern was created by Steve Gibson a full-time kayak fishing guide based in Sarasota, FL. Scott is also an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer.

A very simple pattern, but it is amazing for catching bluegills, crappie and bass. Scott uses it on many saltwater species too.

The color combination shown is for a lake I fish that has a very high perch population. I also tie it in silver (using silver Bodi Braid) for river smallmouth.

I used doll eye because I have a ton of them, but small holographic dome eyes are best. Once the epoxy goes on this pattern become virtually bomb-proof. I used the Myakka Minnow for the majority of my bluegill trips and only went through 4 all season long!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dick Empie's Deadly Shiner

Tied by Dick Empie (above)


Hook: Mustad 9672 (Size 4-16)
Thread: 6/0 Orange Uni
Tail: Red Krystal Flash. Gold Bodi Braid
Collar: Bodi Braid
Weight: #6 = 3/16 Bead, #8 = 5/32 Bead, #10-12 = 1/8" Bead, #14-16 = 3/32" Bead

Ward Bean states:

"The Deadly Shiner is a rendition of Larry Dahlberg's Flash Dancer which he created when he was a young guide during the summers in northern Minnesota. It's also resembles the Flashabou Streamer which is based on Ed Story's Salt and Pepper Streamer."

Gillbuster (from The Bass Pond) wrote:

"I fished it (the Goldie) at the Penobscot River, Maine and caught well over 50 SMB in an afternoon, my guide almost threw me out of the boat, I was catching 2 fish to every one of his. I landed 6 large trophy LMB at Burrage the previous weekend before the STS outing on this fly. I want to fish Burrage again with better weather, anyone game?... tight lines to all & see you on the water." are a few smallies that inhaled goldies! Photos are courtesy of JeffSod on The Bass Pond.