Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gibby's Myakka Minnow

Hook: Daiichi 1550 (Size 10)
Thread: 6/0 White Uni
Tail: Chartreuse Marabou
Flash: Fire Tiger Holographic Flashabou
Body: Fire Tiger Holographic Flashabou
Coating: 15 Minute Clear Epoxy
Eyes: Extra Small Doll Eyes (Holographic Dome Eyes Are Better)
Weight: .025 Lead

This pattern was created by Steve Gibson a full-time kayak fishing guide based in Sarasota, FL. Scott is also an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer.

A very simple pattern, but it is amazing for catching bluegills, crappie and bass. Scott uses it on many saltwater species too.

The color combination shown is for a lake I fish that has a very high perch population. I also tie it in silver (using silver Bodi Braid) for river smallmouth.

I used doll eye because I have a ton of them, but small holographic dome eyes are best. Once the epoxy goes on this pattern become virtually bomb-proof. I used the Myakka Minnow for the majority of my bluegill trips and only went through 4 all season long!


  1. His name is Steve Gibson and here's his blog:

  2. Thanks Phillip for the correction. That was a bad typo....not sure why I wrote "Scott."