Monday, April 19, 2010

The Lithuanian Bat

Hook: Mustad 34185D (Jig Hook)
Thread: 6/0 Dark Olive Uni
Tail/Body: Olive Rabbit Zonker
Legs: Olive Barred Sili-Legs
Head: Large Olive Chenille/Orange Chenille Underbelly
Eyes: Plated Hourglass (1/50 oz.)

This is another pattern from Joe Cornwall at Fly Fish Ohio. The hook is really what I like about this pattern. It is plated with Duratin, a material that allows this hook to be tough, but very light.

My local lakes are filled of small sunnies, so I made a variation with an orange belly. We'll see how it works! I have a feeling this one will take both largemouth and smallmouth bass....and even the occasional pike that happens to be swimming by.

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