Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great Article about Tibor “Ted” Juracsik

Tibor “Ted” Juracsik (Photo Courtesy of Gun & Garden Magazine April/May 2012)
Here is a link to a great article about Ted Juracsik, maker of Tibor reels.  The Gun and Garden Magazine article was mailed to me this week and I thought it was fantastic.  If you are a follower of this blog you know am a notorious cheapskate when it comes to reels.  After reading this article I want a Tibor!

Tibor Light

The Tibor Light appears to be sized for smallmouth, what a beautiful reel.  MSRP is just over $400.  That is a pile of cash for a cheapo like me, but really it isn't that bad when you consider they are.. 
"made entirely in our facility (Florida), Tibor Reels are maintenance free, warranteed for life, and hold more fly fishing world records than any saltwater fly reel on the market today. That's how we build things around here!"

Tibors Constalube Systems seem very interesting as well.  No doubt these things are built to last and to take a beating from saltwater conditions.  Should last a lifetime in freshwater conditions provided I don't drop it or run it over.

Tibor's ConstaLube System

Make sure to catch the photo gallery of Ted's work - talk about amazing!  My Uncle Joe was a Hungarian pattern maker, so I have a affinity toward the craft.  Wonderful craftsmanship and practical design.  His drag systems are designed after old Jeep transmissions.  Listen to the Podcast below for more details on the Tibor drag systems.

Here is a Podcast that highlights Ted's life and work.  Great stuff....