Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Old Yankee Rodsmith Fenwick FL102-7

New Build on a Classic Blank - Yellow Fever
Well....many of you know I have an illness....I was bitten by the fiberglass rod bug years ago and my prognosis is bleak.  I was able to off-load a few "less desirable" rods in time to nab this beauty from Andy Manchester (Old Yankee Rodsmith) - a modern build using an older fiberglass blank.  I am stoked!

Here is what Andy wrote about the rod:
With this blank I decided to stray from my more traditional classic style and went with more modern trappings. The idea being utility and versatility.  The blank features the Fenwick version of the sleeve over butt style ferrule union.  I reinforced the female ferrule with a brass ferrule support ring.  The thread is Gudebrod NCP, size A nylon to accent the mellow yellow blank shafts.  The thread finish is low build epoxy for maximum durability.   
The rod is appointed with a Fugi down-lock reel seat with a Pac Bay 2" detachable fighting butt.  A NOS standard grade, modified Wells cork grip - 7 1/2" long.  Black aluminum & rubber winding check, chrome plated folding hook keeper, 2 Fuji light frame Alconite stripping guides, 8 - expertly sized and placed in relation to the blanks spine.  Stainless steel, chrome plated snake guides.  Standard gauge tip top with zippered partitioned tube.

I own several of Andy's glass and boron rods and love every one of them.  Andy balances out beauty and durability making outstanding fishing tools.  Andy also repairs and rebuilds old rods, he sees all sorts of defects in factory rods and makes improvements on his creations.  A fine example of Andy's preventative design is the brass ferrule support ring on this rod.  The brass ring reinforces the ferrule union, a fine detail that prevents cracking in the ferrule (and looks good too!).

Brass Support Ring
No allowance for me for a while and I my wife made sure I had a reel and line for the rod prior to the purchase.  She is on to me.....

Here is Andy casting the rod ...looks great to me!