Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rod Catalog by Vladan Milenkovic

Vladan Milenkovic is making some beautiful rods and they are for sale on this site.  A great fly tyer his rods are unreal.  Vlad is a true artist.

I don't see any smallmouth rods yet, but my fingers are crossed.

Spring is FINALLY here!

DEAR GOD!.....spring has finally arrived in Minnesota!  Beautiful day today.  Rivers will be high for a while, but as long as things are melting I don't care.

Happy spring everyone.

Ster-line Fly Casting Reel by Sterling Manufacturing

Ster-line Fly Casting Reel by Sterling Manufacturing, Torrington, CT
Back of the Ster-line
I picked up this reel on Ebay about a week ago for $10.  I have been looking for a Ster-line fly reel for a while and came across this one for a great price.

When I received the reel it was seized up.  The pawls were badly rusted and fused to the reel case.  I soaked the reel in penetrating oil for a bit and tried the screws.  Still seized.  I ended up having to drill out the brass screws and re-tapping the holes.

Innards of the reel - Brass screws broken off
Pawls with broken off screw heads
We cleaned up the pawls with file and emery cloth.  put everything back together and here is what we had:

New pawl and spring screws

The reel purrs like a kitten!  I am not sure when the reel was made, but it is pretty old.  I paired it with my new Wonderrod.  It was great to teach my boys how to fix something rather than pitch it in the trash.  The Ster-line will be back on the water where she belongs....