Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ster-line Fly Casting Reel by Sterling Manufacturing

Ster-line Fly Casting Reel by Sterling Manufacturing, Torrington, CT
Back of the Ster-line
I picked up this reel on Ebay about a week ago for $10.  I have been looking for a Ster-line fly reel for a while and came across this one for a great price.

When I received the reel it was seized up.  The pawls were badly rusted and fused to the reel case.  I soaked the reel in penetrating oil for a bit and tried the screws.  Still seized.  I ended up having to drill out the brass screws and re-tapping the holes.

Innards of the reel - Brass screws broken off
Pawls with broken off screw heads
We cleaned up the pawls with file and emery cloth.  put everything back together and here is what we had:

New pawl and spring screws

The reel purrs like a kitten!  I am not sure when the reel was made, but it is pretty old.  I paired it with my new Wonderrod.  It was great to teach my boys how to fix something rather than pitch it in the trash.  The Ster-line will be back on the water where she belongs....

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  1. Dad just bought this exact reel except his was made special for Don Keppler in Pine Grove Mills Pa. It purrs just like yours and the finish is perfect. Total cost $7.50. Jeff Sizemore Diamond Bar Ca.