Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clear Cure Goo System

Well...right around Christmas I got a Clear Cure Goo UV system.  I never really got around to trying it until a few weeks back.  Turns out the light/torch was defective.  Flat out didn't work.

I called the local fly shop where I purchased the system and I was out of luck.  After striking out with my local shop I turned to the manufacturer and they promised to replace the light as long as I emailed them a picture of the defective unit.  It has been a few weeks and still no replacement.  Wasn't a cheap setup and I am bummed things didn't work out.

You win some....you lose some.  Make sure you buy stuff like this from a place that will work with you.  Dealing with the manufacturer can be a long haul.

Hard as Hull got me this far and it looks like it will for years to come.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swimming Crane Fly Larva by Tightlinevideo

Another super basic, durable fly pattern by the folks at tightlinevideo.  Looks like it would be a winner for all kinds of fish.