Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clear Cure Goo System

Well...right around Christmas I got a Clear Cure Goo UV system.  I never really got around to trying it until a few weeks back.  Turns out the light/torch was defective.  Flat out didn't work.

I called the local fly shop where I purchased the system and I was out of luck.  After striking out with my local shop I turned to the manufacturer and they promised to replace the light as long as I emailed them a picture of the defective unit.  It has been a few weeks and still no replacement.  Wasn't a cheap setup and I am bummed things didn't work out.

You win some....you lose some.  Make sure you buy stuff like this from a place that will work with you.  Dealing with the manufacturer can be a long haul.

Hard as Hull got me this far and it looks like it will for years to come.

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  1. I've had good luck with Bug Bond and Loon LCR products as well as Tuffleye(cures different spectrum). The makers of these LCR products also communicated exceptionally well with me & were quick to respond to blog questions. I can't say for certain that any would replace a light that you've had for a little while, but they would communicate with you. You might try Lund's Fly Shop for a UV light - might be more affordable for you.