Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ryobi Magnesium 255

I finally settled on a reel for my new ultralight fly rod.  I narrowed my selection of a Ryobi Magnesium 255 and a JA Forbes Magnesium reel.  In the end I got a better price on the Ryobi, so I went with that one.

I looked at modern reels like the Redington Drift and the Orvis Battenkill, but I just thought they were too shiny and new for my liking.

Magnesium reels are super light.  The Ryobi is under 3 oz. with line!  Really are neat little reels and can be found for $30.  The JA Forbes runs about $100 and weights 2.2 oz.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Size 10 Deer Hair Popper

My 2 wt showed up yesterday and I am looking to tie up a few small bugs for bluegill.  Found this online....what a nice job!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rubber Legged Dragon

Photo by: Fly Fishing West Georgia and Beyond
Hook - # 10 Mustad 9671 or other 2XL nymph hook
Thread  - 6/0  Black
Eyes -  Bead Chain
Tail - Rabbit , black or olive
Body - Chenille, black or olive
Legs -  Rubber, yellow
Hackle - Grizzly, slightly oversized
Head - dubbed with underfur removed from rabbit tail

I found this one on Fly Fishing West Georgia and Beyond.  Another very simple but deadly looking pattern.  I love the picture below...pretty dang convincing.

Photo by: Fly Fishing West Georgia and Beyond

Ward Bean's Mini-Bugger

Photo by Ward Bean

In anticipation of early bluegill action I tied up a pile of Ward Bean's Mini-Buggers.  These guys are tiny, but looks awesome.  The recipe is here.

Thanks Ward to pulling this together!

Photo by Ward Bean

Echo Carbon 732

Echo Carbon 732 - Photo from www.flyfishohio.com
I decided to dip my toe into the ultralight fly rod pool with the Echo Carbon 732.  This is a sweet little 2 wt rod that is 7' 3" in length.  Read the full review on Fly Fish Ohio here.

Only sprung $135 with shipping.  Going to be a blast for bluegills!

I'll probably be launching Ward Bean's Mini-Buggers and Kent Edmund's Stealth Bomber once things warm up a little.  Nice and light and the bluegills can't resist them.

Mini-Bugger - Photo from www.warmwaterflytyer.com

Stealth Bomber Tool Set