Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ryobi Magnesium 255

I finally settled on a reel for my new ultralight fly rod.  I narrowed my selection of a Ryobi Magnesium 255 and a JA Forbes Magnesium reel.  In the end I got a better price on the Ryobi, so I went with that one.

I looked at modern reels like the Redington Drift and the Orvis Battenkill, but I just thought they were too shiny and new for my liking.

Magnesium reels are super light.  The Ryobi is under 3 oz. with line!  Really are neat little reels and can be found for $30.  The JA Forbes runs about $100 and weights 2.2 oz.


  1. Doug
    What is the diameter of this reel? Nice looking reel, I have both the Orvis and Redington and like both because of the lightness and balance. thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Bill-

    Not sure of the diameter, but I added a few pictures from the Ultralight Flyfishing Forum that shows the Ryobi is pretty dang light. I did some research and both the JA Forbes and Ryobi are favorites of many ultralight guys....

    The price was right on the Ryobi and the reviews were outstanding, so I went with it. I was eyeballing the Battenkill.



  3. When I hear the name Ryobi I think of cordless drills and such, and I still find it strange that Ryobi made fly fishing gear... even though I own a piece of their equipment. I thought I was probably the only one out there who had a Ryobi in my arsenal of fly gear... but it's nice to see I'm not alone. Your reel looks pretty nice... a lot nicer than the Ryobi piece in my collection. It is a "Copperhead" rod that I may do a post about sooner or later. I found it super cheap at a local closeout store and couldn't resist. Truthfully, it's probably not worth much more than the $10 I paid for it. Maybe I can find a reel like yours to pair up with it.