Sunday, April 5, 2015

Echo Carbon 732

Echo Carbon 732 - Photo from
I decided to dip my toe into the ultralight fly rod pool with the Echo Carbon 732.  This is a sweet little 2 wt rod that is 7' 3" in length.  Read the full review on Fly Fish Ohio here.

Only sprung $135 with shipping.  Going to be a blast for bluegills!

I'll probably be launching Ward Bean's Mini-Buggers and Kent Edmund's Stealth Bomber once things warm up a little.  Nice and light and the bluegills can't resist them.

Mini-Bugger - Photo from

Stealth Bomber Tool Set

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  1. Doug
    Congrats on your new purchase, take it from someone who has fished the ultra light fly rods, this fly rod will give you a thrill. May I make a suggestion on the reel I have the 2/3 Redington which is paired with my Redington 3 wt. 7 1/2 ft. rod. This reel is small and I think would compliment your Echo fly rod perfect. It is a little pricy but at 100.00 buck and lifetime warranty it was worth my purchase some time back. Now go out and land some monster bluegill on your Echo!!! Thanks for sharing