Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Amazing Wild Melty Minnow

I don't know if you will find a more realistic minnow pattern.  Amazing...  I wanted to clarify - this is not really my thing.  You might as well get out your spinning rod and throw plastics.

The techniques are still pretty neat.  I'd rather throw together a few Clousers and get out fishing!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shakespeare Wonder Rod 1270B

I scored another really nice vintage bass rod today.  It is a 6/7 wt, 7' 9" Howald Wonder Rod made in 1952/53.  The rod is in pristine condition and will be blast to get out on the river.  Now we just need spring to start cooperating!

I am on the hunt for a good reel that was made around the same time frame.  Leaning toward a Bronson Royal 360, the anodized green matches the reel seat on the Wonder Rod.  I believe these working class reels were made from 1920-1950's.  Should be a good match!

Bronson Royal 360  Photo Courtesy of JDPoulsen