Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Half & Half


Hook:  Mustad 33903 (Size 2)
Thread:  Flat Waxed Nylon
Tail:  Rooster Saddle Hackle
Flash:  Flashabou
Gill:  Red Bucktail
Belly/Head:  Gray Deerhair
Weight/Eye:  1/50 oz Dumbbell Eye

A while back we linked a blog post to a video of Bob Closer and Lefty Kreh tying up their Half & Half pattern which is a cross between the Closer Minnow and the Deceiver.  The tail portion of this pattern is taken directly from Lefty's Deceiver and the front portion is a Clouser Minnow.

Lefty and Bob claim the magic of this pattern lies in the 1/50 oz weight.  The weight is small enough to let the streamer flutter to the bottom rather slowly between strips.  It's that fluttering, falling action that causes fish to strike.  The flash really causes a commotion as the streamer drops in the water table too!  Water the flash disappear and set the hook - most times fish inhale it as it drops!

The Smallmouth Fly Box Half and Half is just over 7" long.  I'd pair this pattern with an 8wt and cast for smallies and pike.  A shooting head might be necessary to get the fly down in the water column.

We use the Mustad 33903 kink shank hook (see right) on this pattern.  I know this hook is a tad light, but the kink works so well with the dumbbell eye.  Place your dumbbell eye in the first kink and tie it in with figure eight's and a few frapping wraps.  Once the eye is nestled in the kink it is there to stay.  The proportions of your fly is also constant if you used the kink for a parking space.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big Flies for 2012

This is one big ol' streamer with a a ton of materials, but it works for me.  The tier says it takes over 30 minutes to tie!

I have fallen off the fly tying wagon because of work, but winter is here and I'll be hitting the vise very soon.  My goal for 2012 is to tie up big flies for big fish.  I recently read an article written by Bob Clouser that really stressed the importance of large flies when it comes to catching big fish.  It doesn't take Bob Clouser to hammer the concept home, but most of the flies in my fly box are not over 4" long.  Remember Bob Clouser's famous saying, "You want to give them the groceries."  I have to keep reminding myself that bass are not trout - throw 6" flies instead of those 3 inchers.

My friend Gabe tosses big flies all the time and catches monsters.  Every time I talk to him he has a new story of fish coming out of the shadows to hammer his gigantic patterns.  I am fortunate enough to have some very productive rivers near my home, so I really should get on the big fly wagon.

2012 will be the season of the 8 and 10 weight rod for the Smallmouth Fly Box.  I'll be throwing chickens for hog smallmouth and I might get lucky and land a big musky like Gabe!

Have a great holiday season everyone!  I'll be posting on a regular basis again soon.