Sunday, March 26, 2017

Single and Double Gonga by Charlie Craven

I ran across this pattern at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in St Paul last week.  Got home and found a tutorial online.  The single Gonga tutorial was posted by InTheRiffle.  Charlie Craven is the inventor of the pattern.  He also ties a articulated or double Gonga.

Here is a link that shows Charlie Craven tying up a Double Gonga.  The video clip was posted by EbersoleMEDIA.  Talk about an awesome setting.

Fishing Vibes Smallmouth Bass Streamer

Here is a tutorial from the Fishing Vibes YouTube channel.  I like the size of this streamer.

Mixed Media Tutorial

Joe Cornwall from Fly Fish Ohio was the creator of this pattern (I believe).  Iowaflytyer on YouTube posted this tutorial....really nice.

Here is Joe Cornwall's original tutorial.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cobra Storage - Garage Door Rod Holder

My boys got me a few of these Cobra Garage Door Rod Holders for Christmas this year.  Just getting around to installing them on my garage door.  No fasteners to ruin the door...  The rack mounts to the backside of your garage door and holds several fishing rods.  Seems like a gag gift, but with the price of gear these days they are actually practical.

Here is a link to the Cobra website.  ABS plastic and made in the USA.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

O'Pros Dragonfly Rod Holder

Dragonfly Rod Holder
I picked up a Dragonfly Rod Holder at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo today.  Kind of a neat new product that allows you to "holster" your fly rod while wading.  The guys at the booth were super nice people and the product is made in the USA.

Photo Credit:

Here is a video clip from their YouTube channel.

Dave Whitlock - Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo

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My youngest son and I attended the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in St Paul this morning.  We were very fortunate to spend a few minutes talking to Dave Whitlock!  Dave was gracious enough to autograph book markers for my two boys - and even one for me.

This sport is full of pretentious people, but Dave Whitlock is NOT one of them.  He spoke to my son like he knew him.  When we left the booth my son was so excited to have spent time with a true legend.

I ended up buying a color enhanced, personalized print of a smallie jumping <below>.

If you ever get a chance to speak with Dave or get some of his art you should jump at the chance.  Talented artist, great fly tyer and just a fantastic person.

Lapenter Bay Bug

Photo Credit:
Thread:  6/0 Uni
Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S
Weight:  Hourglass Eyes
Head/Mohawk:  Rabbit Fur
Body:  Chenille (Cactus)
Tail:  Rabbit Zonker

This is Roger Lapenter's Bay Bug, one of his "go-to" patterns on the bay up in Ashland, WI.  Super simple at the vise, but works great on the water.

This is the Bay Bug I got for donating to Roger Lapenter's Bay fund.  Getting one of these flies at the show was the cherry on top.

Captain Roger Lapenter - Anglers All

Photo Credit:  Anglers All (
The image and following text is directly from the Anglers All website.

"In late January, Capt. Roger Lapenter passed on to watch over all the people he cared so much for.  He will be missed by many people, but the legacy he created for all of us will continue to be strong.  Roger was instrumental in creating the world-class Smallmouth fishery here on Chequamegon Bay, and even though he is gone, the fish he worked so hard to protect are still here and it will be up to those of us who pursue these fish to make sure this great fishery will be enjoyed by future generations of anglers.  
A fund to protect Chequamegon Bay's trophy smallmouth bass has been established in Lapenter's name. Tax deductible contributions may be mailed to: Roger Lapenter Chequamegon Bay Fund, ℅ The Ashland Foundation, P.O. Box 762, Ashland, WI 54806."

I cannot say enough about Anglers All up in Ashland, WI.  My youngest son and I will be on Luke's boat in mid-May.