Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dick Empie's Deadly Shiner

Tied by Dick Empie (above)


Hook: Mustad 9672 (Size 4-16)
Thread: 6/0 Orange Uni
Tail: Red Krystal Flash. Gold Bodi Braid
Collar: Bodi Braid
Weight: #6 = 3/16 Bead, #8 = 5/32 Bead, #10-12 = 1/8" Bead, #14-16 = 3/32" Bead

Ward Bean states:

"The Deadly Shiner is a rendition of Larry Dahlberg's Flash Dancer which he created when he was a young guide during the summers in northern Minnesota. It's also resembles the Flashabou Streamer which is based on Ed Story's Salt and Pepper Streamer."

Gillbuster (from The Bass Pond) wrote:

"I fished it (the Goldie) at the Penobscot River, Maine and caught well over 50 SMB in an afternoon, my guide almost threw me out of the boat, I was catching 2 fish to every one of his. I landed 6 large trophy LMB at Burrage the previous weekend before the STS outing on this fly. I want to fish Burrage again with better weather, anyone game?... tight lines to all & see you on the water." are a few smallies that inhaled goldies! Photos are courtesy of JeffSod on The Bass Pond.

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  1. There is a shop in N.H. that sells the Deadly Shiners...Does anyone know the name of that shop ? They also have a website.