Sunday, January 8, 2012

Loon Outdoors UV Kits

Tired of waiting for epoxy to set, or how about those awesome sags on that perfect fly?  Well....I have been watching UV finishing systems for a while, but was scared away by the price tag and availability.  Loon Outdoors has a line of UV products and a simple light that will not break the bank and is available at Cabelas.  You can get 2 tubes of UV material and the curing light for $29.95.

I do use Clear Fly Finish on flies, but most of all I use it on knots.  My hand tied tapered leaders slide right through the guides now they they are clear coated and still flexible.  I bet the knots are stronger too.  Apply a small amount of the UV material to your knot and hit it with the light...done in seconds.

Does a great job on bodies.

Cures almost instantly.
Also available in a larger size.

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