Sunday, December 25, 2011

Muskie on the Fly by Robert Tomes

I love getting fly tying materials and books for Christmas.  This year I got Muskie on the Fly by Robert Tomes and I am a very happy man.  This book is absolutely fantastic.

I live in a river town on the St Croix River here in Minnesota.  The St Croix is a very good smallmouth and walleye river, but Muskies rule the river.  My friend Gabe has been hitting the river and straightening out hooks.  Robert Tomes book will help me get started hunting these awesome fish.

Over 300 pages of information, pictures, fly patterns, gear recommendations, history.....this book is the equivalent to Tim Holschlag's books on smallmouth fishing.  As far as I can see no rock is left unturned.

I know big smallmouth hit muskie flies, so I am going to get out the 10 wt this summer and toss some chickens on the St Croix.  Get this book if you are interested in  Muskie fishing with a fly rod.


  1. I just saw some of Gabe's latest chickens the other day. Pretty wild critters. I've witnessed him catching a big musky, but so far have contented myself with smallmouth -- which I think are a ton of fun and the St. Croix is chock full of them. Cheers!

  2. I got that book for X-mas too!! I live on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, and hunt Muskies all the time. Definately a great book really well done. Check out my blog if ya get a chance, (bigflychucker).