Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Black Rhino

Tube:  1/8" Copper Tubing
Thread:  Red Flat Waxed Nylon
Tail 1:  2" Black Bucktail
Tail 2:  Black Maribou
Body:  Black Tinsel Chenille
Flash:  Black Flashabou
Head:  Red Flat Waxed Nylon
Adhesive:  Fabric Fusion
Tube Hook:  Mustad Tube Fly Hook (1/0)

The Black Rhino is a very simple tube fly targeting bass and pike.  I have been meaning to get back to the tube fly vise to throw some patterns together, but my tube flies are typically pretty simple and kind of ugly (I've got a ton to learn).  Aesthetics aside, tube flies have some serious benefits.  For more information on tube flies see Mark Mandell and Les Johnson's book Tube Flies (on right).

The Black Rhino is tied on a copper tube giving it a decent sink rate.  All thread wraps are reinforced with a Zap-a-Gap to make sure the materials stay out.  Otherwise the fly itself is very simple, first a little buck tail with 4 clumps of maribou layered on top.  Finish off with a little black tinsel chenille and flash.  Super simple and a great fly to get started tying tube flies.
Metal Tube Fly Material

I have read that pike prefer to attack minnows from the side.  The circle hook on this tube sits in the middle of the pattern making hook-ups a bit easier.  I can't tell you how many pike I have hooked, but lost because of poor hook placement.  The Black Rhino has a laser sharp circle hook that hooks fish perfectly in the top lip, right in the hinge.

My favorite thing about this fly is the buck tail core.  Most patterns collapse in the water, but the back tail keeps a nice fat profile.  The picture doesn't properly portray the size of this fly.....from tip to flash we are just over 6"!

Tube Flies Hook Fish Beautifully!
Right in the Hinge....Tippet/Leader is Nice and Safe!

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