Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shenk's Sculpin (Black)

Hook:  Mustad 3366 (Size 4)
Thread:  Black Flat Waxed Nylon
Tail:  Black Marabou
Body:  Black Leech Yarn
Collar:  Unclipped Deerhair
Head:  Spun Deerhair
Weight:  None

Ed Shenk is one of my all time favorite fly tyers, his Shenk's Streamer is one of the best streamers of all time.  Both Shenk's Sculpin and Shenk's Streamer call out a dubbing loop/rabbit fur body.  If you have even spun rabbit fur in a dubbing loop you know it is a real pain in the butt.  The stuff floats around the room, eventually gravitating towards your nose.
Leech Yarn

I stayed true to the original pattern except for the rabbit fur.  Instead I opted for a Smallmouth Flybox favorite - black leech yarn.  Leech yarn is nothing more than a very "hairy" yarn that can easily be wrapped to form a taper.  Hit it with a small wire brush and you are left with a very buggy material.  Leech yarn is extremely durable too.

I know this pattern is not staying true to my "large fly" trend for 2012, but Shenk's Sculpin is so deadly and fun to tie it clearly is the exception to my rule.  

Once waterlogged this pattern suspends nicely and has nice action in the water,  This fly does not discriminate, you'll catch anything that swims with this one!

Check out Shenk's Streamer if you haven't yet.  Tim Holschlag swears by Shenk's Streamer and sells them on his website....they are a real turd to tie up, but just amazing in the water.

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  1. So you are saying there is a pulsating action to this fly, which would make it even more deadly.