Friday, December 23, 2011

Wilkie's Runt (SMFB Version)

Hook:  Tiemco 8089 (Size 6)
Thread:  Red Flat Waxed Nylon
Tail:  White Maribou
Body:  White Estaz
Wing:  Gray Ghost Flashabou/White Chenille/Peacock Herl
Collar:  Gray Palmer Chenille
Head:  White Estaz
Eyes:  6mm Holographic Eyes
Weight:  None
Color:  Prisma Color Markers

Fantastic Book!
This is the Smallmouth Fly Box version of Al Wilkie's Wilkie's Runt.  The original used basic maribou to form the body and a hackle collar just behind the eyes,  Wilkie's original pattern is in Flies for Bass and Panfish by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen if you would like to see the original.

Originally designed for crappie, this pattern is a killer on the river for smallies.  The top "wing" undulates in the water giving this streamer life-like action.  The Estaz gives this minnow a portly profile....a nice meal.  Crappies hammer this one big time, but so will bluegills and bass.

The green runt on the lower left is tied without a tail.  For some reason Al Wilkie left a tail off the original, but I added one for a little extra action on my version (upper in gray).

Make sure to clip the estaz to give the runt a ittle tapered profile and finish it off with a nice Prismacolor marker job.  Super simple and aside from the peacock extremely durable.  I'm going to omit the wimpy peacock herl on my next session.  The runt has to be tough because it spends most of it's lifespan in a fish's mouth!


  1. This fly has the colors not only to be good for smallmouth but as you said for crappie too. I am really interested in the crappie aspect, simply because of the colors. Crappie tend to go after colorful patterns and this one is perfect to get their attention. Thanks for sharing this great pattern.

  2. Doug
    Bill again--what is the sink rate on the Wilkie?
    I am interested in 1/2 dozen, just like the pattern in this post.