Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Evening Scratch

Hook: Tiemco 8089 NP (Size 6)
Thread: 6/0 Brown Uni
Tail: Spirit River Mottlebou
Flash: Gold Krystal Flash
Body: Variegated Chenille Medium, Light Olive/Rust
Hackle: Medium Rootbeer Palmer Chenille
Legs: Chartreuse Rubber Legs
Weight: 1/50 oz. Black Presentation Eyes

This is one of my new inventions for 2010---my version of Tim Holschlag's HHF. It uses a few cool products that really make it shine. First, I used a very nice Tiemco hook with a very wide gap, the 8089 NP. The hook is a little expensive and not stocked at many places, but it is the best hook for the application.

I used another very, very cool material (new for me) by Spirit River called Brown Speckled Mottlebou. I was at Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop and Mike showed me the stuff....had to have it! This material is very cool. It's actually marabou that looks and acts a like fur. There are no stems to deal with and the material is actually stitched on a cloth runner. The mottled brown color is natural and can emulate a ton of different critters. The fibers have a very life-like texture that is incredible in the water. This is a must have material!

This pattern has a ton going on. The hook rides inverted---butt in the air to reduce snagging. The Mottlebou has a very unique action in the water- almost a trance-like quality. You already know by now I favor the durability of Palmer Chenille over hackle. The green rubber legs offer just another layer of deliciousness.

My youngest boy called it the "Evening Scratch"....a perfect name.

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