Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Armadillo

Hook:  Mustad 33903
Thread:  White Flat Waxed Nylon
Tail:  White Blood Maribou
Body:  White Krystal Flash
Body Plates:  White Craft Foam
Hackle:  White Krystal Flash

Gartside Gurgler
The Armadillo is a little fly is my cross of Jack Gartside's Gurgler and Curt Nordrum's Seagull.  The cross of these two patterns yielded this super floating fly.  This fly is light as a feather and very easy to see on the water.

Cast it, let it sit and twitch away.  You can skate it with quick strips  or use a little of the rod tip to tug it under water - either way this one is a winner.
Curt Nordrum's Seagull

All in all the Armadillo is easy to tie without crazy materials.  You certainly could swap out the Krystal Flash with hackle.  I went with Krystal Hackle to maintain the bright white look.  Aren't fly tyers silly?  We worry (at least I do) about color schemes when fish can really care less - especially bass!

Jack Gartside and Curt Nordrum both created great patterns with simple materials.  The Armadillo traps air bubbles, skates, gurgles, pops, dives....a great all around offering to a hungry fish.

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