Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olson's Slider

Umpqua's Olson's Slider

I spoke with Gabe Schubert a few days back and he mentioned this pattern as being a real winner.  The Olson's Slider is commercially available through Umpqua, tied by David Olson.  I am going to pick one up from my local fly shop and give it a gander.  Looks straight forward, but i want to see the physical size of the pattern to see if we can "go large" or maybe make a few alterations.  All in all a really nice pattern....deer hair, flash, hackle - smallmouth magnet.

More on this fly soon.


I stopped by Bob Mitchell's and picked up a few Olson's Sliders in red and white.  This is a very neat pattern that reminds me of a cross between the Wilderdilch and Ward Bean's Red Faced Wobbler.  See what I mean?

Red Faced Wobbler
 Gabe is right, this looks like a fantastic smallmouth pattern.  I'll be using it this weekend for sure!

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