Sunday, October 7, 2012

Early Fishing: Vintage Fly Making Companies Blog

Vintage Francis Fly Company Pattern
I was looking at the newly listed indutees at the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame and noticed the name Carrie Frost on the list from Steven Point, WI.  My wife went to college in Steven Point, so I thought I'd follow up on Mrs. Frosts story....

Looking for more information on Carrie Frost I ran across a great blog!  Check out Early Fishing: Vintage Fly Making Companies.  The information on this site is very interesting.

The patterns posted on the blog are a excellent.

I am in the middle of compiling patterns for a fly tying book dedicated to smallmouth fly fishing.  One of the chapters goes into the history of our sport.  What a great resource, isn't the internet amazing?

Photo Courtesy of : Early Fishing: Vintage Fly Making Companies
I guess it makes total sense when you think about it, but I was shocked to see the impact women had on our sport.  O love the images Jim posted of the women in pearls tying flies!  I tell you what, Carrie Frost appears to have been an amazing lady.  Making Stevens Point the fly making capital of the world?  150 employees? wonder she was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

I love the caption on the picture above.....put the man-lures to the test....  Classic!

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