Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fuller Mini-Maid Vacuum

Fuller Mini-Maid
Hi everybody!  My apologies for not posting on a regular basis, my job has had me hopping.  Kind of a strange post for a fly tying blog, but let me explain....

My fly tying/reloading bench is famous for being cluttered with all kinds of materials, especially little floating hair clumps and feather bits.  If I go on a deer hair packing binge....forget sitting at the bench with anything other than overalls....a real friggin' mess!

My last organizing session led me to look for a dedicated vacuum that can suck up my fur and feather bits, lead pellets  and spent primers from my reloading press.  The old Dust Buster just didn't cut it, the motor was too wimpy.

A quick internet search revealed an interesting machine, the Fuller Mini-Maid.  The rave reviews prompted me to bite, so I ordered one up on Amazon.  I'm glad I did...

The Mini-Maid is one of the smallest and lightest vacuums I have ever used.  The horsepower of this little unit is impressive.  Lead pellets, spent primers, dust bunnies, shotgun powder flakes....all of it was gone in the flip of a switch.  My bench is spotless now!

No little bags to fuss with either!

If you want to keep your bench tidy I highly recommend this vacuum.  The attachments will also be helpful when detailing the cars.  The little dusting attachments will get into every nook and cranny and the motor will suck up anything I can fit in the hose.

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  1. This post sucks!
    Just kidding... I hope you can appreciate the humor. If it wasn't me saying it, it would be the next guy.
    Thanks for sharing. It is a hassle to get out the regular vacuum for the little stuff. I'll definitely give this little machine a look.