Sunday, May 17, 2015

Getting Ready for the 2015 Season

Looking forward to getting out this year with my wife and kids.  This will be the first real season with our "new" camper.  Camping is great, but the older I get the more I need a place comfortable to sleep at night.  The camper is a bit tight, but she works out fine.

We have two real twin mattresses (not foam pads) and a comfy couch.  The boys got a new tent and they love to sleep on the be young again.

We'll pull the camper up to the Snake River so we can fish, kayak, sit by the campfire with the dogs...  Nice thing is the river is only about an hour from the house.  

Hopefully catch a few bigger ones this year!

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  1. Doug
    You'll lucky to have a wife who loves the camper thing, my wife is one of those Comfort Inn gals. Hope you guys land a bunch this season. Thanks for sharing