Sunday, September 6, 2015

Smallmouth Fly Box Cable Tie Craw

Thread:  6/0 Uni Thread (Brown)
Hook:  Do-it Style &82 Size 2 (Very Cool Hook)
Bead:  Black Tungsten - 5/32
Additional Weight : .020 Lead
Eye:  Medium Cable Tie, Micro Pyrex Rattle
Claw:  Pine Squirrel Zonker
Antennae:  Krystal Flash
Body:  Copper UV Polar Flash

A few weeks ago I shared a very cool video from Tight Line Video (from YouTube).  The pattern was a Cable Tie Craw that used a cable tie in conjunction with a micro rattle to form a very nice looking crayfish imitation.

The hook chosen for the original pattern was from Do-It of all places....  This is a very nice bass hook with an incredibly sharp point.  I encourage all of you to give this hook a try.

Anyway, I chose to give the pattern a shot.  My version follows the original to the tee, except for the body and I decided to cut out the tail..  While I love feathers I just cannot use them in places with excessive wear.  This bad boy will be bouncing off the bottom for hours, so I opted for a substitute for the body material.  Copper UV Polar Flash was the first material to catch my eye.  The stuff has nice flash and is plenty durable in the rocks.

The outcome is really nice.  I do not have close-ups of the cable tie/rattle portion of the pattern.  I have reposted the video below for you to reference for the rattle portion of the project.  The rattle is a nice addition, but the cable tie offers a hidden benefit.  Once the Polar Flash is trimmed flat on the bottom of the craw the cable tie provides a a sled like surface for the craw to ride on.

I really hope you give this pattern a try as it is one of the funnest crawfish patterns I have found to tie.  If you have not spent time on Tight Line Video's YouTube channel you should do so.  

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