Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fly Box Hero - Craig Riendeau

I have been experimenting with Craig Riendeau's interchangeable weight system and I think it is outstanding. I emailed Craig in May 2010, sent him a check and he mailed out the black rubber "ringers" that hold the weight to the hook shank. Don't bother trying to find a source for the ringers, or try to use rubber bands - Craig has found the ultimate material....buy the ringers from Craig directly at driftsouth@bellsouth.net or at Rainy's Flies & Supplies online.

Watch Craig explain the concept and attach the ringer to the hook (and tie all of these flies for that matter) at http://www.flywranglerstv.com. Craig has a series of high quality, super informative videos on Fly Wrangler TV.

Craig is such an innovative fly tyer creating very unique patterns - the Crawdad Craig, Hairy Fodder and Hairy Fodder Lite, the Georgia Bullfrog...see images below.

Hairy Fodder

Georgia Bullfrawg

Crawdad Craig

All of these flies are fun to tie and super durable. The Hairy Fodder has a lifelike presentation in the water. The sili-legs, rabbit fur and krystal flash undulate in the water imitating anything from a bait fish to a crayfish - very versatile!

I have never met Craig in person, but he mailed my Riendeau Ringers out right away with a detailed instruction sheet on how to tie the Hairy Fodder. Based on the pictures I have seen online Craig is a real Fly Box Hero.

How about the toad he has in the picture above! I nabbed this picture from a site that claims that smallie was from my stomping grounds! The "Upper Mississippi" usually refers to Minnesota and based on the size of that bass it certainly appears to be from up here!

I contacted Craig and this is what he said about the picture above:

"...As for the smallie on your blog, that came from the Mississippi downstream from Brainard. I know where the Linder's hang out! Got it on a 1/0 all white, flashy Hairy Fodder while fishing with guide Kip Veth. He liked the Murdich Minnow on top but I thought going "in their face" with a fast sinking Fodder would get more strikes. I was right by out fishing Kip and my buddy three to one. The one picture pushed the five pound mark. Lost one a few casts later that made that one look small..."

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