Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Ross FlyStik | Lamson | SA Smallmouth Rig

The Smallmouth Fly Box is very excited about it's newest smallmouth rig, the Ross FlyStik (8 wt), Lamson Konic and SA Sharkskin line setup. The rod came highly recommended by Joe Cornwall of Fly Fish Ohio and it is better than I could ever imagine.

I know the Redington Predator is getting great reviews, but I have been told by multiple people the Ross is a fantastic smallmouth rod. I have noodled both rods and really preferred the Ross because of my fiberglass roots.

This rod is graphite, but feels more on the slower, smoother fiberglass side. The Lamson reel is a fantastic mate for the FlyStik. Can't wait to get on the water with this rig.

This is what Joe Cornwall had to say about the Ross FlyStik in comparison to the Redington Predator:

The Predator is a nice rod, but the Fly Stik is better. Ross is a smoother caster, a tad slower and easier and more accurate in my hands. It’s a superb rod. If you already own a 6wt, I highly suggest the 8wt. While the 6 is a great rod, close to my Scott Warm Water Special in fact, it’s not the best choice for an all-around bass rod. Especially in Minnesota where you have a shot at pike (they’re everywhere), carp, larger bass and MUCH larger smallmouth. It tops out with about a size 2 fly – and not a deer hair bug at that. I’d consider the 8 an ideal rod for Minnesota (that’s where I fished it for the review) and it’s a true 8. Match it with a Headstart 8 or similar BB taper and it’s just a GREAT bass rod. And for $169 it’s about as painless as it gets. It’s great with up to a size 1/0 streamer and will handle a good sized cork or deer hair popper. There’s nothing else close to the ROSS. The Shore Stalker is a better rod at twice the price, the Sage Smallmouth or Bluegill is a better “bass” rod if you use it for topwater or shallow work but isn’t as versatile.

You can read a more detailed review on Joe's online magazine - Fly Fish Ohio.

I don't know much about Lamson reels, but the Konic reel got 4.8 out of 5 stars from 42 reviewers on Should be fine for me.

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