Sunday, April 3, 2011

The WIN-MOCK Streamer

I can't take credit for this stuff, these awesome flies were tied by JeffSod from The Bass Pond Forum. The article was posted by Armand (aka B52 Bugger). Armand said this article was published in 1973 by his friend Fred Bahnson. Here is a quick story from Armand...even trout like this one!

"Many years ago I was fishing with my then brother in law on Stafford Pond in Tiverton, RI. It was August my brother in law could not get out of bed early for morning smallmouth. About 10 am I noticed rainbow trout feeding on midges. What do you do with six pound leaders and no size 22 - 24 midges. It was a sin seeing these large rainbows feeding on small stuff, they should eat meat. I took off my Gaines Bass King put on size 2 Win-mock and cast to one of the bruiser. Scared everyone except this rainbow that wanted to fight. He turned and scoff the fly. It turned out to be a nice four pound trout - I have to tell you we ate him. Smaller size works on trout size 8 or 10. Enough said. To think I wanted to be the Bass King on the Penobscot - fat chance now the secret is out."

The Win-Mock is a very simple fly using materials almost every fly tyer has on hand, I love these old patterns. No need to run to the fly shop for crazy materials....

Click on the article below to read and print at full size.

Thank you Jeff and Armand this one is a winner!

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  1. What is someone BEGS for a how to video lol think Jeff or Armand would make 1??