Sunday, April 24, 2011

Airflo 40+ Shooting Line

I got this line a week ago and I can't believe how far I can cast with this stuff! Over the winter I have been reading about shooting heads and I wanted to experiment a little. Instead of making my own shooting head and having to worry about the hinge breaking, I decided to bite the bullet and grab Airflo's 40+ line. By far, without a doubt the best fly line I have ever purchased. Better than Rio's Clouser line and Rio's new Smallmouth comparison.

Here is a review and demo of how the line and how it works. I have this line (8wt floating) paired with a Lamson Konic reel and an 8wt Ross Flystik - talk about a cannon!

At $74.95 it is spendy stuff, but well worth the investment. I am saving my beans to get an intermediate line too!

1 comment:

  1. Doug,
    After your comments and watching video, might just have to pop for a couple of these.
    Where did you get yoirs?
    Dick Gross