Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reel Wool Products - Reel Protector

You may recognize these pictures from a year or so ago. Well....these pouches are starting to take hold here in the Twin Cities. We decided to go with the name Reel Wool Products because we have a series of products going online that are made entirely of hand knit and felted Fisherman's Wool.

The products are hand knit and hand felted by my mother-in-law in Minnesota and the buttons are hand carved in my shop. It's getting hard to find products that are REALLY hand crafted in the USA!

The purpose of these reel pouches is simple, protect your reel from dings and dents while you walk from the car to your fishing spot. Nothing like dropping your rare or $300 modern machined reel on the rocks, or how about rolling around in the back of your truck when you take the short trip to your next favorite spot! The felted wool offers a breathable, protective layer to your reel - eliminating dreaded reel rash. When you get to your spot the pouch unbuttons and fits right in your pocket.

If the reel protector gets wet, the material is naturally breathable and will dry in a snap . Wool is the perfect material around water!

These pouches retail for $29.95 and will be sold at fly fishing shops nationwide and online.

Here is the prototype in the other color we are offering....Brown (no button attached).  In regards to sizing, we are modeling our sizes in 2 classes, Classic and Modern.  The Classic line is modeled to fit the Pflueger Medalist line of reels, the1492 Medalist up to the big pig the 1598.  The Modern is still in the works and will probably be designed to fit a product line from Ross. 

If you have feedback please share it....we are still working out the details on sizing.

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