Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Yankee Rodsmith's 6' Canoe Cannon

Here is another 6' small stream rod from the Old Yankee Rodsmith, Andy Manchester. This rod is completely different than the rod I reviewed about a week ago (The Orange Crush).

This baby is a 100% fiberglass, 6' rod. The blank is neutral gray (my wife says it is Khaki) in color and has a dead matte finish. I broke this rod out at the local fly shop and the trouters loved the non-glare finish. Keep in mind these guys usually have nothing nice to say about anybody's gear, so Andy scored super points with this rod. These guys are like those two old Muppets in the balcony on the Muppet Show!

The guides (snakes) on this rig are a tad large (which I like) and the wraps are beautifully finished and really compliment the blank. Just a handsome and super functional rod.

We call it the Canoe Cannon because I use this bad boy in my old canoe. The length is perfect in a canoe, staying clear of the stomping feet of a 10 year old and it is easy to cast and land fish. So far crappies, bluegills and a few bass have be claimed by the Cannon...this year I plan to add a few smallies to the list!

Again, the Lawson Laurentian #1 Dry Fly Special (reel) balances this rod out perfectly. The reel is very simple, but it works perfectly and looks fantastic. Who would have thought a reel made in the 1940's would still function perfectly nearly 70 years later!

Another great rod by Andy Manchester! These 6' rods may seem wimpy with a line rating of 4/5, but they are far from that! These so called "small stream rods" have the juice!

Thank you again Andy.


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