Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hobie Fish Gripper

In preparation for our trip to Ely, MN I picked up a few Hobie Fish Grippers. Ely is loaded with Northern Pike, some big ones and millions of hammer handles. The Hobie Fish Gripper locks onto the lip of the fish reducing odds of getting hooked in the hand, but it also reduces the risk of injuring the fish.
This style of gripper was made popular by the kayaking crowd. They are always looking to reduce weight and maximize space in their kayak. Here is a review of the Hobie Gripper on YouTube.

Initially we looked into a Boga Grip, but at $150 it was way out of my price range. We don't need the stainless steel parts in Minnesota, no salt water here! The Hobie Grippers are $14 and has great reviews online for both fresh and salt water applications.

These grippers float, weigh a whopping 5 oz. and glow in the dark! The price is definitely right and were recommended to me by a Lake Michigan salmon guide on a recent trip to Chicago. If they grip and hold the Chinook and Coho I saw, they will certainly hold anything I catch in Ely!

I was concerned about the plastic factor, but the gripper is heavy duty.

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