Friday, May 27, 2011

New Smallmouth Fly Box Boat!'s official, the Smallmouth Fly Box has a new (old) boat! Bought it today! It's an 18' Lund boat, galvanized trailer and a 50 horse Mercury. Has 2 live wells, rod lockers, full console, nice seats, running lights, fish finder...

The motor purrs like a kitten and the trailer is a beauty. Need to add a bow mounted trolling motor and we'll be in business.

I will be replacing the deck this summer and adding the new trolling motor. This girl will be on the river with the kids and dogs in no time. I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about running a long shaft motor on the river, but I'll take my time to learn the river and be fine.

All in all it's no big deal, a new/used boat that needs a little work.  Up until now I have been a lowly canoe/wade/shore fisherman.  Nothing wrong with that, but now I'm turning a corner towards getting on some real fish and maybe even taking my boys water skiing. 

The official name of this dingy is "My Baby Girl" after my baby girl on the left.  Unless I come up with something better before I letter the boat!


  1. Really nice boat! Drive it like you stole it.....oh wait, you did!!! :) (That's what Dick said anyway...)

  2. I have heard b.o.a.t. stands for "bring out another thousand!." Looking forward to getting it out on the water!

  3. What a steal! Old but new. A little tweaking and you have a real "Fishing Machine"!
    Couldn't happen to a nicer family!
    Uncle Dick