Saturday, May 14, 2011

Half and Half

This is just a great looking fly! Anything tied by Clouser and Lefty would have to be a killer! I have tried this one with the saddle hackle and had some trouble with the saddle hackle fouling the hook. I think some Yak fibers will add the length and and action in the tail without any hook interference.

In Bob Clouser's book Clouser's Flies Bob writes about this pattern and how he casts it into deep pools, letting it flutter down in the water column. The tail section is quite visible as it falls. Clouser says to watch it drop and soon as it disappears - set the hook! He claims some of his largest smallmouth are taken this way! I think the key to this pattern is the long flash section in the tail.

The gill section on this pattern is just awesome. Nice tip from Bob about leaving the loops loose, letting the red hair follow the thread.

When you stop and think about this pattern it's pretty easy to imaging why it is so effective. Let's face it, this is a large offering! What bass or pike could resist such a large meal, especially if it looked injured? Being the opportunistic jerks they are, bass and pike slam this one!

Both of these guys make it look so easy! Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh are true icons to the sport of fly fishing and tying....great video!

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