Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Pink Lady

Hook: Mustad 3366 (Size 6)
Thread: 6/0 Pink Uni
Tail: Pearl Spirit River Bodi Braid
Body: Pearl Spirit River Bodi Braid
Flash: Gray Ghost Krystal Flash
Over Wing: Tan Craft Fur
Eyes: Medium Bead Chain

I was messing around in the shop trying to come up with a new crappie pattern. Well you have seen this one a million times, another Clouser rip off.

I like this one because of the Bodi Braid and Gray Ghost Krystal Flash combo. The sparkle of this fly is really neat. Craft Fur is great because it is so light and is less coarse than deer hair. Don't get me wrong, I love deer hair too, but for smaller patterns Craft Fur is easier to handle (in my opinion).

3 colors - The Pink Lady, Silver Surfer and Gold Fingerling (Yes...a James Bond reference!)

I finally found use for that pink thread in the thread rack. I remember as a kid catching a mess of crappies on pink Mister Twisters. I thought this little lady would look nice with a touch of pink!

Update on this pattern:

I have been told by many people in the past few days that this is a "bonefish pattern." Well.....I put it together for crappies and field tested it last night. The water is still cold here in Minnesota, but I caught a gob of perch. This pattern seems pretty universal to me - time will tell.

For all of you die hard bonefish guys....relax, it's ok to use saltwater patterns in freshwater! Minnesota is far away from the ocean.... As Mike Alwin always says to me "Douglas, there are no rules in fly tying!"

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  1. Similiar to a Grazy Charile Bone fish pattern,but a nice tye up any way,like the simple ties,then you don't have to feel bad when you lose 1.