Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Smallmouth Fly Box Boat Renovation you all know the Smallmouth Fly Box is a proud owner of an 18', 1980something Lund Mr. Pike boat. I spent the day ripping out foam that was sprayed under the floor of the boat. At first I thought the foam was a factory add-on, but I think it was an experiment gone wrong.

The foam looks great, but was holding a virtual ton of water. I took the floor out because it had some "rank" spots. I knew it was a gutter, so I'm not bummed.

All plywood is out as well as the nasty foam. The console is up on blocks and the compartment doors are all re-coated with marine varnish. I am going with a red cedar floor in the boat instead of plywood and carpet.

Pictures soon.

Boat will be on the water in 2 weeks.

Spent the rest of the day installing a new screen door....tomorrow is siding installation....I hate old houses!

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  1. Doug-
    Changed mind again"
    Are you adding more flotation?
    Does redwood get slippery when wet?
    Uncle Dick