Friday, July 29, 2011

Flat Stanley

Hook: 2XL to 3XL. Daiichi 1260 (Size 6) Shown
Thread: 6/0 Brown Uni
Tail:  Brown Marabou
Thorax: Brown Marabou, Turkey Feather, Pine Squirrel Dub, Copper Wire
Legs: Brown Sili-Legs

This pattern is absolutely deadly because it resembles so many things!  Is it a crayfish, a leech or maybe a hellgrammite....maybe a little of each!  The profile of the fly is the biggest challenge.  If you notice it is actually flat?  The materials used for Stanley are common, but how they are layered is where the magic begins.

The tail is your basic marabou offering, but it is short to stop those short strikes.  The body consists of a few wraps of lead (not too much) covered with a layer of turkey feather.  Marabou covers the turkey along with some blended pine squirrel dub/ice dub.  This is not a simple fly to put up by any means.  I'll work on a video on this one.

The small size and structure of this fly and the fact it is not heavily weighted gives it a very lifelike look in the water.  Cast it above a pool and let him drift under an indicator.  Once the indicator stops, set the hook!  This is a fun one to fish and it is very effective.

Make sure to have a hook hone in your vest to keep the hook nice and sharp.  Under an indicator this fly will tick off roks and debris dulling the hook.  Remember, keep em sharp!

The smallmouth below was caught on this fly under an indicator.  My buddy Peter is the best fisherman I know, he landed this Mississippi smallie on Flat Stanley in 2010.

18" Smallie Caught on Flat Stanley

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  1. Very interesting fly. Any luck on putting up the tying video? Thanks,