Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Saint Nick

Hook:  Streamer Hook (Mustad 9172) Size 6
Thread:  Black 6/0 Uni Thread
Tail:  Olive Marabou
Flash:  Green Ghost Krystal Flash
Body:  Green Holographic Ice Dubbing (Dubbing Loop)
Gill:  Read Flashabou
Head:  Black Cone Head

This is just a nice little streamer that usually bears gifts when attached to your tippet.  I spent the day flipping this pattern around on the St Croix River today and had a blast.  I'll post fish pictures this week.

The St Nick is a buggy little thing.  The ice dubbing is put into a dubbing loop to give it that "buugy" body and the red gills are a nice little accent.

Give this one a shot, it is nice looking, easy to tie and a dream to cast and work in the water.

Happy fishing!

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