Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fly Box Hero - Tim Holschlag

Tim Holschlag with a South African Smallmouth
If you are serious about river smallmouth fishing I'm sure you have heard of Tim Holschlag.  Tim is a true authority when it comes to smallmouth bass and how to catch them.  Three years ago I read Tim's second book Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass and it changed my attitude about fly fishing forever!

When I was a boy I spent my spring breaks with my Uncle Joe and Aunt Doris in Terre Haute, Indiana.  As I've written many times in past posts my Uncle Joe was and always will be my hero.  The best times I had with my uncle was wading for smallmouth in the Sugar Creek near Turkey Run State Park.  For some reason over the years I deviated from the type of fishing I truly enjoyed - wading!

The Smallmouth Angler Stream Smallmouth Class
I attended Tim Holschlag's Stream Side School in the summer of 2009.  During the class we waded with Tim on the Root River in Southern Minnesota.  Wading brought back many memories and I forgot how much I loved the experience.  The techniques I learned that day are with me (and my boys) every time I fish the river (usually on foot).

Tim is a real professional, but the best thing about him is he is down to earth.  From his flies, fly rod, boat and hip wagers Tim is very practical - demanding durability but balancing price.  I applaud Tim for being so down to earth even though he is one of the world's authorities of smallmouth bass.  You would expect him to look like one of those Nascar fisherman, but Tim is not like that.

Tim's three books are fantastic and even if you fish for smallies a few times a year you should really own all of his books.  I am adding 2 detailed posts about Tim's books this week, so check back if you need more information.  You can always visit Tim's website The Smallmouth Angler too!

The Holschlag Hackle Fly (HHF)
Tim is the creator of the Holschlag Hackle Fly (HHF) pictured to the right.  This fly is deadly if you use it under a strike indicator.  Tim calls the technique "The Crayfish Hop."  This fly is a prime example of Tim's practical nature.  Made with common materials found in every fly tyers cache of fur and feathers this fly is field tested, super fishy and very durable.

I can write for pages and pages about Tim Holschlag's professionalism, books, accomplishments, guiding abilities, knowledge, skill, passion and creativity, but all you need to know about Tim is he is a great teacher.  Since meeting Tim I have become a better fly tyer and a way better fisherman - what else can I ask for from a Fly Box Hero?

Before I close out this post I'd like to thank Tim's wife Lyn.  Last week I ordered Tim's new book, River Smallmouth Fishing.  I needed the book fast, so contacted Lyn to see if she would ship the book out right away.  The personalized book came in 1 day, just in time for my trip to New York.  Both Tim and Lyn do a fantastic job with The Smallmouth Angler.  When I called Lyn she immediately recognized my name from a class 2 years ago!  I had a great experience with The Smallmouth Angler, so please support them however you can.

Tom Holschalg with a Good Friend!

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