Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Swellcat Craw

The Swellcat Craw
Hook:  Jig (#4 sickle above)
Tail:  Dumbbell eyes flattened with pliers
Underbody:  Orange Chenille
Overbody:  Feather (golden pheasant above)
Eyes:  Black plastic
Legs:  Rubber (spinner bait skirt)
Claw(s):  Ringneck rooster pheasant feather(s)
Antennae:  Flash
Collar:  Phezabou – ringneck rump hackle

This one one of favorite new patterns.  I just ran across it on the Fiberglass Flyrodders site.  Jeff Evans is the creator of this pattern, he's done a fantastic job!

This fly has proved very effective!  See Below!

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