Sunday, February 12, 2012

Copperhead Streamer

Hook:  Tiemco 8089 (Size 6)
Thread:  6/0 Uni (Brown)
Tail: Spirit River Mottlebou
Flash:  Copper Flashabou
Head/Body:  Copper Polar Flash (Large)
Weight:  Lead

This little pattern doesn't look like much, but it is a very productive little streamer.  I used it up on the Mississippi River a few weeks back and the smallies wouldn't leave it alone.  There is something about copper flash up here in these waters.

Super simple to tie and plenty durable!


  1. Cool, I ran across this blog while doing a google search for Bob Clouser. I checked out some of your posts and I'm definitely following this one. I have a blog as well. It's about fly fishing in NC. When you get a chance check it out.

  2. Yes simply but deadly, I have found in early spring and late fall copper/orange colors are killers. This one you have here is a winner Thanks for sharing

  3. I check in a few times a week to see the new flies and read the articles. Great work.